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Meet Jodi Woelkerling

Jodi has spent most of her working life in the business world, both in small businesses and working for large corporations. She has had the invaluable opportunity to see business both from an operational (hands-on) perspective, and from a management perspective. This is because she has held various positions with a wide range of responsibility and focus. 

During her time in the business world, Jodi became increasingly aware of the effect of the individual’s mindset and perspective on how their life was playing out, whether they felt fulfilled and whether they were obtaining their vision for their own success.

This realisation prompted Jodi to go on a quest to learn as much as she could from world leading experts on success and personal fulfillment. This quest culminated into Jodi creating her own Life Coaching and Success Training business, which is where she shares these amazing insights with others and assists them on their quest for their own vision of success in their lives.  

These insights are equally applicable to a business culture perspective simply because both the individuals and the business perform better if the individual employees feel valued, successful and fulfilled both in their work and personally.

Jodi feels enormously privileged to be sharing these incredible insights and teachings with both individuals and businesses.


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 Jodi Woelkerling Enterprises Pty Ltd

PO Box 786, Woodend, Victoria, Australia, 3442

Ph +61 414 473 872

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