Keynote Speaking

Do you want to use the power of Keynote speaking at your next event?

The power of the audience, the collective attention of the group - brings the opportunity to facilitate lasting changes and positive shifts.

Keynote Speaking

Jodi's talks are informative and enjoyable. Jodi customises each talk to the particular audience, in order to cater for the wanted outcome of the talk and for the needs of the particular audience. She focuses on the facts and logical details, along with stories and illustrations to demonstrate the points in a fun and meaningful way.

These are some of the topics that Jodi speaks on:

The Culture of Care - Few people would argue against the benefits of a positive workplace culture, because most people know that a positive workplace culture is a key component of productivity, innovation, profitability, collaboration, customer focus and many other elements of a great business or workplace. Yet, a positive workplace culture is often very hard to establish and maintain. In this talk, Jodi discusses some key components to creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture. 

 Is Stress Your Choice? - Today's society is full of stressors. It has got to the stage where there is so much stress in our lives that it has just become the way we live and we almost don't even notice it. The costs of living like this are huge. This talk focuses on the basic life choices and practices that generally ease stress and lead to a healthier, and more balanced life.

You're at Your Best When You're Looking After You - Many people put the needs and wants of others before their own needs and wants. While giving to others is definitely an admirable trait, self-care is the most important care. This talk focuses on the self-care practices and attitudes that will empower you to be at your best.

What does your gut say? - Intuition has often been labelled as mystical, illogical or "woo-woo", but the reality is that our unconscious mind has access to vastly more information than our conscious mind. This talk focuses on tapping into the intuition that everyone has access to.

The Mindset for Success - Much of your success is determined by your personal mindset and visions. In this talk, Jodi discusses the key success principles and strategies for managing your own mindset.

Success Habits and Practices - There are definite habits and practices that assist greatly towards success.  In this talk, Jodi looks at some of these practices that you can instil into your daily life.

Living a Self-Empowered Life - Most people feel disempowered in some way.  Whether they feel trapped in their job, restricted in choice of education, their financial situation or some other limiting factor. Many people see no way out of their current, less than ideal situations. This talk focuses on taking back your own power and giving yourself choice over your own situation. 

Don't Let Your Past Define Your Future - Most people define themselves by their past and current situations and experiences, and this perspective restricts how much they can direct their own life. It takes focused effort to break away from this cycle and to create a desired future. Jodi discusses how this reality plays out in most people's lives, and she discusses strategies for ensuring that your past and current situation and experiences don't define your future.

Leading With Engagement - One of the keys to successful leadership is to engage the people who you are leading, so that they are invested in the shared vision and purpose.  We are in an environment where this is becoming increasingly challenging as jobs become more skills and training based, and employees become more inclined to change jobs. Jodi discusses some of the keys to employee engagement.

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