Face-to-Face Training

Our face-to-face training programs are designed to develop your knowledge of stress - how it can be best managed, prevented where possible and responded to. We are focused on empowering you to make informed decisions.

Sick of feeling that you are not in control?

Statistics and research show that most people see mentally healthy workplaces as important, yet many workers report that their workplace is not conducive to mental health.

As employers - do you want to reduce the costs associated with employee stress?

Compensation claims, loss of skilled employees, absenteeism and presentism all add up to substantial cost and lost productivity. 

Is your stress affecting the quality of the non-work areas of your life?

Whether it's extended work hours, irritability with your loved ones, neglecting your health, or simply finding it difficult to relax - workplace stress can have enormous effects on the rest of your life.

Building Your Own Stress Resilience

This training is designed to teach individuals some of the keys to building their own personal stress resilience.

Areas that can be covered include:

- Resetting your stress response when it occurs

- Recognising your own stress response, so that you can address it before it escalates

- Life practices and mindsets that can have an enormous influence on a person's personal stress resilience.  

Programs of different lengths are available and can be customised to client requirements.

Leading a Stress Resilient Team

Managers have a large influence on the engagement, job satisfaction and productivity of their teams.  The training is designed to assist Managers to lead in a way that enhances the stress resilience of their team.

Topics that can be covered include:

- Your self-care, self-mindset & self-awareness – as Managers you set the tone for your team

- Leading causes of workplace stress

- Emotional intelligence – tuning into your team

- Creating an environment of psychological safety, building trust and empathy with your team

- Engaging and supporting your team through a pressured environment, conflict, and/or change

- Strategies for a stress resilient culture

- Signs of distress or not coping. Responding to someone in stress or distress and overseeing their path to success

Want More Information?

If you would like more information on our programs and services and how we can best assist you - simply email us at: [email protected] and request a call.


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