Are You Determined To Create A Productive, Collaborative

And Profitable Organisational Culture? 

Discover What You Can Do To Create A Workplace Culture That Inspires and Engages!

In this ground-breaking new book you will discover:

 ✔ Insights into ten of the most common challenges that leaders face in creating an Enduring Resilient Culture

✔ Key patterns that prevent the development of a positive and productive workplace culture

✔ Why focusing on building an enduring resilient culture is vital to your business

✔ The real costs of not addressing these key challenges

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A Collaborative and Productive Workplace Culture

is Needed Now More Than Ever

So, while you instinctively know that many difficulties in your workplace are related to workplace culture, you may not be able to pinpoint what needs to change within that culture so that everyone on the team feels more inclusive and unified. Surely, there must be a better way for you to govern your team—but how?

Finding an answer to that question is the key to creating the productive, collaborative, and profitable culture in your workplace that you crave. A positive, unjudgmental and inclusive culture, where all team members feel engaged, and understand their job role and management expectations so they can then work towards common goals and the organisational vision actively. Such a culture then enables you and your team, and the organisation you all work within, to thrive and overcome challenges together to adapt and evolve and meet the market's ever-changing needs. 

By exposing cultural insights in this book, you'll understand why every leader needs to foster, create and build an enduring resilient culture in their organisation. You'll also discover where specific cultural barriers originate from and what impacts results when overlooking these. Plus, you'll bear witness to how others have battled their cultural monsters and triumphed, enabling themselves, their team, and their organisation to prosper. 

In this breakthrough book, you'll discover:

✔ What holds most businesses back from creating productive and collaborative cultures

✔ The importance of gaining an understanding of the cultural challenges in your business

✔ Determine where you need to focus your cultural efforts

✔ Gain insights from common organisational cultural issues

A Personal Note From Jodi...

As a 'C-suite' executive, HR or operations manager, and an organisational leader, you want to create a productive culture, while minimizing challenges that impair the organisation from thriving. You may have been in the organisation for a long time, decades even, or you may have just stepped into the role. Your team may consist of 3 to 4 people, in a small organisation, or you may lead many individuals in a corporate setting. Regardless of the size of your role, For many leaders, the workplace culture is becoming challenging to manage, which causes undue stress for you and your team.

You may want to know why your employee turnover is high and productivity may be lower than you would like. You also may not be able to understand why your team aren't collaborating well and putting forth ideas or why they are so resistant to change and seem to be struggling with daily tasks both physically and mentally, in some instances.

These are all common challenges that many executives face. The good news is, there are keys to creating a productive and collaborative culture that is enduringly resilient.

About Jodi Woelkerling


For over 25 years, Jodi Woelkerling has been working in financial, educational, service, and product-based organisations in various managerial roles from quality assurance through to financial management, business banking, and branch management. During this time, Jodi witnessed cultural clashes, and also felt the brunt of the stress it generates firsthand.  

Jodi’s experience, coupled with several tertiary level qualifications in education, accounting and banking, have heightened her understanding of business and organisational culture and raised her awareness of the impact of stress on individuals in a team and their leaders. She has witnessed cultural barriers and difficulties firsthand as a leader within a corporate organisation, empathised with others that were experiencing the same challenges, and wanted to make changes to prevent herself and others from burning out or feeling that they were inadequate or underappreciated when they were competent and highly valued. 

By 2016 Jodi had reached a turning point. Feeling that she was teetering on the edge of burnout, she looked towards building her resilience—surely there was something better than what she was currently doing? Something that gave her a better quality of life and was far more rewarding.


She then started exploring options and completing further study. Becoming a 'Success Principles' certified trainer, health and life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and then pairing this with her corporate knowledge and understanding of leadership, then paved the way for her to help others overcome their resilience challenges and later cultural barriers in their workplace. 

Initially helping individuals, she realised that far more could be done to assist these and other people experiencing resilience challenges by focusing her aptitude on a key source—organisational culture—where many of the stressors existed. The natural progression from one to many was systematic as she had experienced the power corporate culture exerted and how this could have an adverse effect on the business's success and on the individuals that contributed to that success. 

Jodi is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to assist businesses to build an enduring resilient culture at the whole culture level, the various levels of leadership within the business and at the individual level, so that the business as a whole and the individuals within the business can experience the enormous benefits of an enduring resilient culture.

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Are You Ready To Start Creating An Enduring Resilient Culture That Benefits Both The Business And The Individuals Within The Business?

Create The Productive, Collaborative and Resilient Culture That You Desire For Your Organisation!

In this ground-breaking new book you will discover:

 ✔ Why creating an enduring resilient culture is important for your organisation

✔ Key drivers of the breakdown of positive workplace cultures

✔ Identifying which of the common cultural challenges relate to you

✔ Key insights into a successful workplace culture